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The Future of Video Games and Consoles (and Preservation Thereof) (December 2020) Can video games survive?
Alternatives To The Modern Web (November 2020) Is it time to leave the web behind?
Portal 2 Before Portal 2 (May 2020) Looking back at the Portal modding/mapping community in the lead up to Portal 2's release
My Problem With The Modern Web (February 2020) The state of the web in 2020.
British Feminism Has A Transphobia Problem (December 2019) Transphobia in the UK is a problem.
Updates to this site (October 2019) Hey there it's me! Talking about the future of this site and changes.
Talking about RSS Why and how I use RSS instead of following or subscribing on modern sites such as Youtube.
Talking about Facebook Talking about my history with Facebook and why I ended up deleting my account.