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About Me

Starshine Moon

  • Handshake Prounouns: She/Her
  • Female Symbol Gender: Woman
  • Earth Nationality: British
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  • AIM Phoenix: Starshine
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  • Twitter: @dfstarshine
  • Neocities Profile: dfsshine
  • Internet Archive: dfstarshine
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  • I'm a British trans woman, born in the early 90's. I'm interested in software, web design, graphic design and video games. I take a keen interest in the history of the internet and computing in general, perticularly the 90's and 00's. Beyond just nostalgia, I have come to appreciate the importance of preservation/archival of old tech and data. It's also made me more interested in how the internet has changed and how it could change in the future. You can learn more about my history with computers, my current feelings about computers/tech and the modern web.

    I've always loved making things and I think at least part of what attracted me to tech was all the things I could do and create using computers. I started learning HTML when I was about 11 or 12 and I've always wanted my own personal website, probably ever since I learned that there was such a thing as a "Website", but was always held back by the whole "money for hosting/server/domain costs" thing ya know? I've also dabbled in modding (mostly in the source engine) but I'm not too knowledgeable about it.

    I've had multiple online handles through the years and I never seem to be able to settle on one. However I've been going by "Starshine" for quite a while now. I chose it because I have a bit of a thing for star and moon imagery and I like night time.

    About The Site

    This is my personal site. I talk a lot here about tech, nostalgia and the internet. This is pretty much a place for me to talk about whatever I want.


    A page to put various articles I've writen.


    This is where I put my various visual creations including wallpapers, 88x31 buttons and emoticons.


    This is the page where I ramble about computers and software.


    Where I reminisce about days gone by.