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I have a keen interest in computing and it has been a part of my life since an early age. The first computer I ever used was an Acorn machine at school, but I did also have some interactions with my Grandfather’s MS-DOS machine. My first extensive use of computers was with machines running early versions of Windows (95, 98, NT, ME ect).

Technology I Use

I am a user of and advocate for free/libre software. I am a GNU/Linux user, though I am not a loyal advocate for Linux specifically as other freedom respecting OSes exist (though I’m generally a fan of Unix-like systems). I am not an RMS-style stickler who never uses proprietary software under any circumstances, but I will always prefer free/libre options, at least if they’re reasonably adequate. I prefer to use minimal and configurable applications, often opting for terminal based and keyboard-driven options.

This isn’t me but I like to think I have similar vibes when at the computer.
This isn’t me but I like to think I have similar vibes when at the computer.



These are computer languages that I have used and have varying degrees of familiarity with:

I did have to do programming in Visual Basic .NET, Pascal and PHP for my software development course at college, but that was so long ago and I’ve not retained virtually any of it.


In terms of my computer itself, it’s a pretty modest spec machine I built in 2013 (when i was still a Windows user) that still suits me fine. I boot my OS from an SSD while I use HDD drives for file storage. I like many still tend to opt for x86/x86-64 machines for my main system but I’m open to potentially changing this in the future. I also have an old Toshiba Satellite laptop from 2010/2011 (ish) which I have installed an SSD and upgraded RAM into which also runs Debian.

Some additional thoughts: