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    Hey! I'm Starshine! Welcome to my site! 😀 This is a personal site for me to post about pretty much anything I want. My interests that I'll cover on this site include: Technology, Software, Web Development, Video Games, Lego and 90s/2000s Nostalgia. The content of this site will be subject to change and subjects covered may very well expand in the future.

    About Me

    Starshine 🌜

  • 🤝🏻 Prounouns: She/Her
  • ♀️ Gender: Woman
  • 🌍 Nationality: British
  • 📧 Email: dfstarshine@hotmail.com
  • 👥 Escargot: dfstarshine@hotmail.com
  • 👥 AIM Phoenix: Starshine
  • Ⓜ️ Mastodon: @dfstarshine@computerfairi.es (formerly @derpafett@mastodon.social)
  • 🎲 Mastodon (Secondary): @dfstarshine@icosahedron.website
  • 👽 Reddit: u/DerpaFett
  • 🐱 Neocities Profile: dfsshine
  • 📦 Internet Archive: dfstarshine
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