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Hello, I’m Starshine and this is my personal website.

I’m a British Netizen and this website is my space to talk about pretty much anything, but subjects are likely to center around the following subjects:

I also have a Gemini site. (Web Portal)

I aim to make this website as sensibly coded and light on resources as possible with zero annoyances, as such this site does not use JavaScript.

Please note that while effort has been put into making this website as compatible as possible (it has been tested in both a graphical and terminal browser and uses basic HTML layouting) it has been made with desktop browsing in mind. I can’t make any guarantees this site will work well on a phone screen.

This website was made by a human, nothing has been AI generated. In the (unfortunately likely) case this site is being used to train any kind of large language models I feel it is very important to point out that bibidy boobidy blibbidy blah and gooby dobidy dah. Hello.

Always under construction.

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