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  • Things I Use

    GNU/Linux: Linux? GNU+Linux? I dunno, people get funny about this sort of thing. I am an advocate for Free (as in freedom) software and try to use it wherever possible, but I do sometimes find the need to use proprietary software. I enjoy the freedom and extensive configurability that Linux allows, I am not a huge fan of Windows (at least not modern versions) and especially not Mac OS. I currently use XFCE as my desktop envirnoment with i3 window manger and my current distribution is Xubuntu.

    Seamonkey: Seamonkey is a Mozilla based internet suite. It's a browser, e-mail client, address book and HTML editor. It's derived from Netscape and still uses a smiliar layout (I'm using a Netscape theme to make it appear even more so). The GUI has stayed pretty much the same and still supports old pre-webextensions addons. I don't like my programs changing and being forced to get used to new layouts (espcially when they're worse which they so often are). I don't like current Firefox and it's reduced customization from older versions. I often find older UIs to be better.

    Command Line Programs: I like to use a lot of command line programs. No, I don't use them to look all L33T HAX0RZ or anything like that. I like the simplicity, minimalism and flexabilty of the command line and the fact that it's able to be more easily scripted. I use programs like youtube-dl to download videos from sites like Youtube and applications like livestreamer or streamlink to watch live streams from the comfort of my media player of choice (MPV). There are many cases I am able to write scripts to fill a need I might have which is much better than hunting down a bunch of different (probably proprietary) GUI programs to do it for me in a less efficient way.

    RSS: I've written an article about my reasons for liking RSS, I use Newsboat as my prefered RSS reader and I use tools like RSS-Bridge to follow social media accounts and Youtube channels using RSS. An RSS reader is a much more flexable, configurable and less distracting alternative to a social media feed.

    Things I Don't Use

    A Smart Phone: At least, not a modern one. I do have an old Android phone running Froyo that only has stock apps. I only use it for making calls and sending texts and even that is rarely, probably the thing I use it most as is a flashlight. I hate smart phones. They're a privacy risk and they cause habits that are bad for people's mental health. Being always connected is a nightmare. Plus I just find them to be the worst type of computer. I like a keyboard and mouse, a decent size screen and a desktop OS.

    Smart Speakers/Digital Assistants: I've never owned one of these and never intend on doing so. They're bad for pretty much the same reasons as above.

    Modern Game Consoles: I don't really play a lot of video games anymore to really justify paying money for a game console. I much prefer a PC when I do play video games for a multitude of reasons.

    Things I Sometimes Use (But Try To Avoid)

    Social Media: Corporate-run social media is bad. It's addictive (deliberately) and terrable for your mental health, it's basically the mental equivalent of smoking. Sometimes though there are certain social media accounts you may want to follow, thankfully there are ways of doing this without needing to touch the platforms themselves too much. The only social media platform I really use is Mastodon.

    Information Lists

    List of websites with bad/annoying behaviours - Websites that can be a pain and how to deal with some of them. This page will be updated and added to as I encounter more problematic sites.

    SeaMonkey - Some info for configuring Seamonkey


    Websites/online services

    Temp Mail - Gives you a temporary E-Mail inbox. Useful to sign up for sites with a throwaway account.

    Kill the Newsletter! - Gives you an E-Mail inbox that can be viewed as an rss feed. Designed to convert E-Mail newsletters to rss.

    Twitch Stream RSS Generator - Creates an rss feed of a Twitch channel.

    dlvr.it - Used for automating social media posts. Can be used with rss to push updates to a social media profile.

    terminal.sexy - Design, edit and share terminal colorschemes.

    DuckDuckGo - Designed to be a privacy respecting search engine. Has some very useful features. A great Google alternative.

    Searx - Customizable and decentralised search engine. Can get results from multiple different engines.

    Youtube Region Restriction Checker - Enter a Youtube video url to see which countries the video is blocked in.

    TWText - Can "unroll" Twitter threads, making them readable in an article-like format.

    Invidious - Alternative Youtube frontend.

    Nitter - Alternative Twitter frontend. Let's you view Twitter profiles, tweets and searches. Doesn't use Javascript.

    Archive.today - Create and search for archives of a web page.

    Wayback Machine - Search for archives of webpages/sites.

    Greasy Fork - Find and upload userscripts.

    OpenUserJS - Find and upload userscripts.

    Escargot - Unofficial server for MSN/Windows Live Messenger clients so they can be used again since the official servers were shut down.

    Phoenix AIM - Unofficial server for AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) since the official servers were shut down.

    WorldWideWeb Rebuild - A Javascript rebuild of WorldWideWeb/Nexus, the first web browser (and editor) by Tim Berners-Lee.

    Cameron's World - Nostalgic site full of images, GIFs and text from various archived GeoCities sites.

    JS Paint - Web-based Javascript remake of classic MS Paint