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Add-on Converter for SeaMonkey is able to convert some incompatible "Legacy" Firefox and Thunderbird addons into working SeaMonkey addons. See the Extension Compatibility Tables for SeaMonkey for a list of tested extensions and their compatibility with SeaMonkey.

Mozilla hosts an add-on site for SeaMonkey. However, many add-ons previously available were also Firefox add-ons and have since been removed after Mozilla decided to purge old Firefox Add-Ons from the site. You can install the "Classic Add-ons Archive" which has archived old Firefox Add-ons, many of these are SeaMonkey compatible or can be converted, be sure to refer to the compatiblity tables.

For Greasemonkey, OpenUserJS has a port for SeaMonkey. Alternatively the old Firefox version (Available on the archive) can be converted.

Other sources for extensions: Modified Firefox Extensions (now archived), Extensions list.

For a working Tab Unload Addon: Following instructions here you can use Bartab Tycho, an addon made for Palemoon but works on Seamonkey if converted.


Themes and customization extensions are currently still available on the SeaMonkey Add-Ons site.

If you want to apply custom CSS to the chrome, here is a list of chrome URLs.

Some about:config settings I've found useful:
Show hide menu bar with alt - Set ui.key.menuAccessKeyFocuses to true.
Disable the middle mouse loading the clipboard in url bar - set middlemouse.contentLoadURL to false.


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