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List of websites with bad/annoying behaviours

Medium.com - A lot of great articles are written using this site, but it's more than a little irritating when the site nags you to "make things official" and create an account. If I want to write articles on medium I'll make an account, but I don't need an account to read them. Oh and you need to sign up using Google or Facebook, no thanks. As a solution I'd recommend using archive.today to read (and if needed, create) an archived version of any medium article you want to read. If you want to share the article I'd also recommend sharing the archived version.

Instagram.com - if it wasn't annoying enough to nag you to sign up and download their app all the time, for some reason Instagram stops you from opening links in a new tab using middle click. Here's a userscript to fix this.

Tumblr.com - If you're in the EU, Tumblr's RSS feeds may not work for you. This is because their new GDPR page redirect has basicly broken their RSS feeds. When you give your RSS reader a feed url it's being redirected to the GDPR confirmation page. A workaround for this is to use Google Feedburner, give it the Tumblr page's RSS feed url and it will "burn" a feed that will actually work with your RSS reader.

Flickr.com - Flickr will replace a photo in an album or photostream with an ad after you scroll through a few of the pictures (it will appear blank if you are blocking ads). It will not show the actual photo until you refresh the page. To make this a little less of a pain I have created a userscript that will refresh the page automatically when this happens.

Technologyreview.com, WashingtonPost.com, Bloomberg.com - Oh boy, it's one of those sites, the ones that only give so many articles to read a day, week or month without paying them money and/or tries to force you to turn off your ad-blocker. When you encounter a site like this, utilise an archive site like archive.org (if it hasn't been excluded) or archive.today. Please, if you're going to share articles from sites like this please link to an archive so that we don't have to deal with bullshit like this. Thanks. If a site tries to get you to disable your ad-blocker, sometimes Anti-Adblock Killer will do the trick, you can also try disabling javascript on the offending site.

saphirjd.me - I just found this one kind of amusing Smiling Face. The owner of this site has decided to block all Firefox users (and by extension all users of Waterfox and other Firefox forks except Palemoon) because Mozilla is apparently run by "SJWs" who are trying to introduce Sharia and radical Islam. Mozilla also apparently hates Conservatives ("REAL Conservatives", "radical right wing one's do not count"), Christianity and "traditional values" and are apparently racist (presumably against white people). He also doesn't approve of Mozilla's "treatment" of their homophobic former CEO. If you browse certain pages (not on all of them for some reason) with "Chrome-2" (Firefox Quantum) or a fork you'll be redirected to his totally-not-unhinged rant, which you won't even have time to read before you are redirected again to the official Otter Browser site. You can get round it by changing your User Agent (don't block it you script kiddie!), just be sure to clear it from your cookies and cache first or else you'll be redirected to a meme image. Probably a lot of effort to go through to use some random's poorly designed website, the only reason I did was because I wanted to grab this mod file off it. Some pages are also bloated and take too long to load. It also seems like every page has a big obnoxious section complaining about Mozilla again and trying to get you to use Otter Browser.
TLDR; Site owner will block you for using evil SJW browser to view his terrable site.