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  • Welcome to the nostalgia page!

    A page where I share my nostalgia for the past, mostly the 90s and 00s.

    Nostalgic Video Game Music playlist on Youtube



    Beyblades - My memories of those glorified spinning tops from the early 2000s.

    Yu-Gi-Oh! - Memories of my favourite trading card game.

    Halo - Talking about the Halo games I've played and my memories of them.


    Youtube - My memories of early Youtube.

    My Early Computing Memories - My introduction to computers.


    Note: Some of these playlists have been compiled by me and will be added to over time.

    I'm Telling You, They're Aliens - A children's audiobook tape from 2000 that I listened to as a kid.

    The Old Internet - Video recordings of the old internet (90s/2000s).

    Old Youtube - My collection of old Youtube videos that I remember watching from the early days of Youtube and some notable historic ones.

    Old Setup/Desks/Battlestations - Old Youtube videos of people showing their computer desk setups/battlestations, mostly anything up to around 2011/2012.


    Insitute for Y2K Aesthetics - A Tumblr blog with images showcasing design aesthetics from (or akin to) the late 90s and early 2000s.

    Vintage UK Catalogue Pages - Twitter account that posts scans of pages from vintage UK retailer catalogues such as Argos.

    Cameron's World - Nostalgic site full of images, GIFs and text from various archived GeoCities sites.

    /~duncjo01/archive - Archive of old wallpapers/backgrounds, fonts, clipart, themes, icons and more.

    BlueMaxima's Flashpoint - A Flash/Web game preservation project, an archive of playable Flash games as well as games for Java, Shockwave and others. (Read More)

    OoCities - An archive of Geocities sites from before the shutdown.

    GeoCities.ws - Another archive of old Geocities sites.

    Escargot - Unofficial server for MSN/Windows Live Messenger clients so they can be used again since the official servers were shut down.

    Phoenix AIM - Unofficial server for AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) since the official servers were shut down.

    Wayback Machine - Search for archives of webpages/sites.

    TheOldNet.com - A better way of viewing vintage archived web pages especially on old machines, uses Wayback Machine but removes it's Javascript and overlays for better compatibility and a more authentic experience.

    Theoldpurple.com - A homage/recreation of Purple.com, a website from 1994 which was sold to a mattress company in 2017. It's literally just an empty page with a purple background, #7D26CD to be precise. Until 6 November 2006 the original site was #DD00FF. So uh... yeah.

    404PageFound - A catalog of still online sites/pages unchanged from the early internet.

    Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches - A page that investigates the incendiary potential of Pop-Tarts. Last updated in August 1994.

    Miss Cat's Academy - Vintage fan site for the 1998 British television series "The Worst Witch", appears to have been last updated around 2003.

    Wiby - A search engine that tries to reacapture the discoverabilty provided by the search engines of the early web by giving results to lesser known, less commercialised sites remenicent of those you would find in the early days.

    The Original Friends Site - Self proclaimed first website dedicated to the 1994 American sitcom "Friends". It's a fan site but apparently came online when the show first started airing, before any official site. The sites design hasn't really been updated much since at least 1996 but the content suprisingly is still being updated every now and then (last updated July 18, 2019 as of writing).

    Who is Doctor Who? - An old tie-in website for the 2005 revival of Doctor Who. In the very first episode of Series 1, after meeting the Doctor for the first time, Rose finds a conspiracy website about sightings of the Doctor by typing "doctor blue box" into a (fictional) search engine. This real website could be found by typing the same phrase into google or other search engines. To this day searching "doctor blue box" still brings up this website as the first result. However the website was last updated towards the end of Series 2 in 2006.

    Cyber-Rat.com - Website of the creator of Half-Life (and other Valve games) maps including the "Rats!" series of maps. Last updated in November of 2004.

    LEGO STAR WARS TRILOGY - A web page featuring Lego Star Wars creations made in 1992, before the official Lego Star Wars sets were created. Creations use mostly unmodified parts available at the time. The page was last modified November 2000.

    Logo Pops - Twitter account that shows examples of old outdated UK store branding still in use or exposed due to store closures.

    Windows Tips and Tricks by Tiplord - Vintage website with lots of useful information for configuring Windows 95 and 98, surprisingly last modified in 2013.

    Heaven's Gate - (Warning: This one's a little dark). The website of the "Heaven's Gate" cult. The members of this cult commited mass suicide in March of 1997, believing that they would ascend as alien spirits to a spaceship so they would survive Earth's imminent "recycling". The website remains as it was in 1997(?), maintained by surviving members who still respond to E-mails. (More info)

    Space Jam - Probably the most well known surviving vintage website. The promotional website for the 1996 movie "Space Jam", still appears at it did in the 90's.

    International Genetics Technologies - Surviving viral marketing website for the 1997 Jurassic Park sequel "The Lost World: Jurassic Park".

    CNN - O.J. Simpson Trial - CNN's page for news and information about the O.J. Simpson trial, last updated in June 1996.

    Welcome to Netscape! - The original 1994 Netscape homepage.